CheckCommerce, Inc is proud to announce their new product Quick Board Select.

January 2013

Auto Boarding will allow Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) and Value Added Resellers (VAR partners) the ability to board new merchants in real time. This is an amazing benefit that select partners now have the ability to use. Staying true with creating new and innovated product offerings, Quick Board Select will give Check Commerce partners an edge no other payment processor or ISO has. Simply put, a sophisticated CheckCommerce partner can now integrate to our proprietary boarding platform through the API. This will allow the partner to automatically board new ACH merchants into the system with no lag time. When and ISO or partner can get a merchant active and processing in minutes as opposed to days it gives them a competitive advantage over the competitors.

John Kirchhefer, CEO of Check Commerce says "We saw a need for a streamlined process for our partners and we developed it. Auto Boarding is an addition we are very proud of. One of our main goals is to enable our partners to be extremely competitive and very profitable. There is no doubt this product will help a sales organization stand out above all other competitors".

While the concept seams simple enough the task was actually quite daunting. Through testing, focus groups and with the help of select beta partners, Check Commerce has streamlined a boarding and underwriting process that is leaps and bounds beyond anything else offered in the market place.

Brian Bonfiglio, CTO says; "We have always considered ourselves nimble and open to unique custom configurations, this new product exponentially expands our capabilities."

A common complaint in the ISO world is that their ACH partner has trouble turning applications around quickly. With Auto Boarding an ISO or VAR partner will never have this problem again.

To learn more about Check Commerce’s Boarding API, custom reporting, Third-party sender program, White Labeled Gateway, Enhanced ISO program or any of CheckCommerce’s other products or services call us and speak to one of CheckCommerce’s Business Development Specialists