Security Protocals

Security is essential for Check Commerce as well as for any ISO or merchants of an ISO. Check Commerce as a leader in the ACH Processing field has been a pioneer in creating systems and protocols that far exceed industry standards. All of us have read about security concerns and issues that have come to light in the payments industry. Check Commerce is actively involved in researching, testing and pioneering new and innovated security protocols to protect all of us from the dangers and risks that are inherent to the payments industry. Rest assured, if you partner with Check Commerce we take security very seriously.


  • While not required for an ACH provider, CheckCommerce uses PCI compliance as a road map for our internal security protocols
  • Massive encryption, dual control mechanisms, checks and balances and specially trained staff members are in place to provide peace of mind
  • CheckCommerce undergoes security and compliance audits to provide continual accountability to the latest advances and trends in the industry
  • The use of state of the art firewalls and tier one data centers provide an added layer of security
  • CheckCommerce continues to educate itself on new and effective security protocols and will implement the latest state of the art measures to combat breaches as needed
  • CheckCommerce's disaster recovery plan and secondary location adheres to the same security protocols