Collection Services

Managing aging collection items is not a core competency of many merchants, nor should it be. However, collection services is a very natural fit for Check Commerce. Our intricate and sophisticated collection process through the ACH network combined with a fully functioning call center and mail house provides you and your clients an added layer of service.

Adding the Check Commerce collection option can assist you in bringing more to the bottom line. There is no need to take resources away from your business to deal with small or large collection items any longer. The Check Commerce Collections product is simple, streamlined and cost effective. For more information please contact one of our Account Managers.

We used to have our administrative staff try and collect on our bad checks. When we really looked at our process we realized our way was costing us money. Once we added Check Commerce’s collection services we collected more and took more to the bottom line Active Processing Merchant

Key Features

  • Perfect solution for business that accept a high number of checks or ACH. You can now stop managing a difficult process and have a reliable method of collection
  • Because Check Commerce is a full blown ACH processor we have built proprietary recycle and re-presentment algorythyms (sp) to ensure a higher collection rate than others
  • Our leverage, expertise, partnerships and processing software makes the solutions surprisingly affordable.
  • Customizable collection programs can factor in collection fees and state by state usury rates consistent with the terms and conditions of your merchants contract.
  • Take the legal compliance and risk away from your clients business. Collections is heavily regulated and complex. Our collection service allows your clients to focus on their core revenue generating activities.
  • Check Commerce’s experience in this arena can easily provide your clients with an analysis that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt outsourcing collections makes sense
  • As an ISO collections is a viable and real program that will increase your monthly residuals dramatically