Tokenization allows a merchant or integrated partner to store and load sensitive consumer payment information into our system eliminating the need for the user to store this information. The advantages and need for this product is very clear. Check Commerce has perfected a Tokenization protocol to provide your clients with a fantastic service that will enhance their operations. Combining Tokenization with highly secure Cloud Based Solutions and our Enhanced Security Protocols makes any merchant or ISO with recurring subscriptions operate at a higher level. There is no need to risk a sub-par process any longer. Take a few minutes and contact one of our Account Managers to learn more about this amazing solution.


  • Eliminate the need to store sensitive information
  • Provides peace of mind to merchants, ISO’s and the consumer
  • PCI compliant
  • Eliminates the need for some auditing and regulatory compliance
  • Our tokenization system is secure, easy to integrate and can be customized to a users individual needs and preferences
  • Load your recurring subscriptions into the system one time and add and delete as needed. This makes everything easier and more efficient.
  • Easily monitor NSF returns, unauthorized returns or administrative returns
  • All tokenization features are fully accessible through The Merchant Center.