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How Can a Reseller Opportunity Result in You Making Money?

By obtaining merchant customers for payment processing services, merchant service providers or independent sales organizations function as resellers. In that capacity, they create a vehicle that can allow them to build a continuous revenue stream from individual sales. The service they sell is attractive and valuable to merchants, so the reseller opportunity to avoid risk and collect residual in the process makes a reseller plan a potentially lucrative and stable one. Not only do successful resellers enjoy the fruits of consistent, incoming funds, but they get paid right away as well.

Often, resellers have backgrounds in the banking industry, so they recognize the potential of a solid reseller plan to provide an ongoing commission. Doing the work on the front end allows resellers to reap the rewards for extended periods of time. A reseller with a strong sales channel can take advantage of highly competitive commission payments and exciting growth opportunities with the right reseller program.

Giving merchants secure and reliable payment-processing services will help resellers' revenue stream not only stay stable, but grow and flourish. That's the power of finding an IP payment gateway that works as part of a sustainable and prosperous reseller program.

The Reseller Center at helps resellers view all transactions related to their merchants' accounts, making us an indispensable part of a resellers' billing package. We have a 99-percent approval rate and zero application or setup fees. offers you the choice of being paid at will or set up regular payments—a rare convenience in the industry. We're seen as a leader in our industry for a variety of reasons, including the fact that we always pay our resellers on time and correctly.

Check out all the resources on our site to learn more about how we can work with you to build a winning, lucrative reseller plan. Contact us at 1-480-785-2262 if you have additional questions or want to find out more about our services.

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